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When I created the Film Tournament System back in 2011 my main goal was to compete. I was a filmmaker back then and I really couldn't find a platform out there that competed films the way I felt they should. In my opinion I felt that films should be compared the way sports teams are: one on one. I had been to film festivals and annually I'd watch the Oscars and would find myself scratching my head wondering how certain films won. We all know that merit in the film business is based on who you know, a win in this industry isn't necessarily a reflection of one's skill set. I don't say that to take away from the achievements of the great films down through history but it can be contested that some films that do have wins behind them surely weren't deserved but gained through politics. The Film Tournament System remedies that by competing films one on one via a Scoring Assessment Rubric (SAR) that details every potion of a film's dynamic while allowing the two competing films to battle for each portion's points.




The ultimate goal of the FTS is not only to celebrate good films but also produce a product that yields results. It is our goal that competing films whether they win or lose at the FTS to walk away with distribution and promotion, that's our goal. Too many great films go to film festivals and are being overlooked and lacking distribution opportunities because either they're at the wrong time slot when industry figures visit or various other politics. Here at the FTS we want to get the distributors attention to watch the best films and at the right time so they can avoid wasting time and see exactly what they're supposed to see.





The Commission for Entertainment Awards and Ceremonies is the governing body that dictates the daily agenda for the Film Tournament System. The Commission is combined of several Industry and Artist Coalition leaders that believe and strive for a better and evolving Entertainment Industry. As a Commission member and former artist I myself depend on my comrades to propose fair and innovative ideas to better enhance a filmmaker's experience with our brand. 




One of the great new benefits of our Film Tournaments are our Poll Ranking Systems. The Poll Ranking System takes the winners from various tournaments around the FTS and ranks them according to number of wins and margin of victories. We especially like this system because of the Sports like bragging rights allowed to filmmakers and their work. We really believe that filmmaking is just as competitive as sports and should be handled as such.




One of the visions of the FTS will be to give back to the filmmaker. This process will generate more funds for our participating film festivals to open up scholarships and construct more workshops, fund filmmakers to create more films and open up a distribution channel that would allow filmmakers to have their films screened at theaters both nationally and internationally.




Submitted films are paired together for a bout. The Allied Audience and United Audience will watch either of the two first and then after a 30 minute break will watch the other. The viewers will then be handed score cards in which for each segment the point will go to film A or film B. The cards are tallied and for example if there are 5 cards and on 3 out of the 5 cards film A has the point for screenplay dialogue then the point on the overall card goes to film A. In the end the film with the most points on the overall card is the determined winner.

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