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Cinematic Sports: Is this the future of Film and Television competition?

 Andrew Mosche, Staff Contributor

The New Era Of Competition: Television rivals Queen of The South defeats its Spanish language counterpart La Reina Del Sur in Week 1 of the ESS Season. This scoreboard signals the new way of finally having programs physically compete against each other.

FILM TOURNAMENT SYSTEM                                                                                                                            DBS 2019

When it was first considered, many thought that having Films and Television Shows compete like sports teams was beyond bizarre. Cinema is an art not a sport was the main argument but yet at the end of every season or yearly, Hollywood’s best and brightest come together to award who in their opinion is the best.

“In basket ball, the Lakers and the Clippers: so lets say that a game is scheduled and the Lakers bring 30,000 fans and the Clippers only bring 10,000. Now without having dribbled the ball once or having taken one shot we declare the Lakers the winner just because more people showed up for them. No engagement, no contact, nothing, we’ll just count the number of fans and that’s that! Now that is as of now how the industry determines the success of most TV shows ratings.”  

Point considered.

Cinematic Sports engages shows one on one, having them actually physically compete against each other to determine a program’s superiority. Every week Television programs and Box Office films compete head on finishing with Win - Loss - Tie records that will determine whether or not they will advance to a knockout Playoff style bracket. Included are Weekly Polls and Conference Standings detailing a Film’s and Television Shows progress.

“It’s something that should have been done years ago” says Gerald Colbert Founder and Creator of the Film Tournament System, the entity responsible for Cinema Sports Zone and Cinematic Sports. “I always felt that Films and TV Shows should compete head on and that wasn’t happening until now”. In each bout two films or programs will compete one on one with a scoring rubric. Several departments on the rubric from Performance, to technical, to story are worth a certain amount of points. A judging committee will watch both pieces and at the end go down the rubric and allot points to either of the pieces. The piece with the most points is the winner.

The Film Tournament System and Cinematic Sports stretches beyond just box office films and television programs, they also compete the winning films from film festivals with the first ever Film Festival vs Film Festival Playoff and also compete college and film schools.

“Everything evolves, cars, technology, medicine, science, why not the film industry? Why not?”

The Film Industry evolve from an art to a sport? Why not?

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