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G.O.T leaving? Let the PCS Power vacuum begin!

 Scott Hurst, Staff Contributor

For the last few seasons Game Of Thrones has held a supreme grip over the Premium Conference Standard. With this being its last season programs from participating Divisions are now starting to eye the Conference Title realistically. 

FILM TOURNAMENT SYSTEM                                                                                                                            DBS 2019

When discussing the Premium Conference Standard the HBO Division serves as the poster child. The Division has managed to secure 5 of the last 7 Conference Championships with 4 via Game of Thrones. This year the G.O.T franchise has announced that it will be closing the curtains forever thus opening opportunity for both franchises and Divisions other than G.O.T and HBO to represent the Conference at the DBS. “Not only are we losing quality programming but also caliber representation” said PCS Chairman Arnold Gould. “HBO’s Division has always put out quality content that could be depended on to challenge the top networks in Conferences across the ESS”. This is true and with True Detective’s future in limbo the HBO Division may become mortal enough for us to see a Conference Champion come from a Division other than HBO for the first time since 2014. The pickings are slim but here is who we think might have a shot at the PCS throne post G.O.T:


Franchise: True Detective

Division: HBO

Why: True Detective has been a solid enough Franchise to whom had it not been for G.O.T would probably have represented the Conference at the DBS. Its series however hasn’t confirmed a return for the upcoming season so this one is pending. If it does return it may have a shot but it can’t be certain that it will be able to overcome what rival divisions have in store.

Franchise: Power

Division: Starz

Why: The only certified G.O.T killer who’s managed to deny it the famous 3peat has probably the best chance to represent the Conference. Though the series strength hasn’t maintained it still has enough vigor to probably propel itself past the rest of the Conference favorites.


Franchise: Billions

Division: Showtime

Why: Billions is the type of franchise that improves with time and adapts to become better than its counterparts. The show series has managed to maintain solid plot points continuously which has been the challenge for most competing shows. I can’t say Billions would take the ESS but definitely is a Conference favorite.


Franchise: Westworld

Division: HBO

Why: This is actually a series that does have the potential to be an ESS competitor and a timeless classic. The only one who has come close to challenging G.O.T superiority in the division.


Franchise: Perpetual Grace LTD

Division: Epix

Why: A show carved from a different mold, Perpetual Grace merges unique story with memorable characters. The question is will it stand the test of time or is it just a one season wonder? If it maintains its ripeness or even manages to become more amazing along the way then look for this Epix Division franchise to possibly represent the Conference at the DBS bracket.

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