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Life after Vikings? To whom will the History Division turn next?

Teague Jordan, Staff Contributor 

The HISTORY Division will have to confront the reality of competing without Vikings.

Cable Conference Standard                                                                                                                    DBS 2019/2020

Vikings is calling it quits after the 2019/20 season, after the 2019/20 season the future of the History Division and its franchises from an ESS standpoint seem to be in limbo. Despite harboring the powerhouse Vikings for the past six years, the History Division has little to anything else on the offering as far as continuing as a Division. Currently part of the Cable Conference Standard (The Conference that regulates competing cable brands such as Syfy, FX, AMC, USA and such) HISTORY has to look to only two other franchises to represent its Division which is below the ESS minimum to compete as a Division, the minimum being four. At this, the remaining HISTORY franchises may be forced to compete under the Broadcast Independents banner if the Division fails to produce two more scripted series.


Vikings/ AMC Division/ Cable Conference Standard

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