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War of the Worlds: Entertainment Series Standard takes on the Emmys

Samantha Eschievera, Staff Contributor

With the Tournament System trending rapidly with Television programs, the Emmys finds itself under the weight of the Entertainment Series Standard.

FILM TOURNAMENT SYSTEM                                                                                                                            DBS 2019

Every September the Television Academy decides which programs are crowned the most superior via the Emmy Awards, the highest honor in Television. It has been in command since 1949 and only just recently has faced trepidation. With the creation of the Entertainment Series Standard, an awards season counterpart, the supremacy of the Emmy has began a course of devalue.

“The Television Academy and the Emmy has always owned the block, we’re not on a mission to obsolete them, we’re only giving our interpretation of how a program should win” said Gerald Colbert, founder of the Entertainment Series Standard. “There’s enough room for us both to coexist.”

That’s questionable.

In looking at the wide view the ESS/ Emmy comparison would be a close difference between the iPhone and the flip phone. In what appears to be an evolution of the Awards decision protocol, having a one on one, playoff style bracket system between Television programs seems to be gaining traction with fans. Game of Thrones diehard loyalist will group to see their favorite program clash with The Walking Dead.

“Every episode means something now, it’s not just entertainment anymore, it’s not just a group of the guys going down to the court and shooting hoops, every basket means something like every game means something, it’s wins and losses now, series creators and programmers will now have to analyze how they’ll regroup for the next season and produce a more competitive product just the way sports general managers and coaches do.”

Awards shows have seen a gradual dip within the last five years especially with the high political rhetoric. While fans may adore their favorite stars during their work week they really don’t seem to care about their end of season Awards banquets. So could hyping the competitive climate with an end of year Playoff Tourney revive the Awards Season?


With win, loss, tie records, programs depending on how many episodes could qualify for the playoff if they have managed enough wins through the season.



Television Series qualify depending on the number of episodes and the amount of wins as listed in the chart above ex. a 6 episode series needs to win out all six bouts to qualify versus longer running series who have more leniency.

The top networks act as Divisions (e.g HBO Division, BET Division, AMC Division etc) with their top two programs having the best records compete for the Divisional Title. From there the Division Champions (programs representing their particular network/ channel e.g NCIS/CBS) compete for the Conference Title (e.g CBS Champion vs ABC Champion) and the Conference Champions battle to determine the top program in a best of four series similar to the NBA finals that competes two programs Season Open episode two of their best season episodes and their closing Finale Episode, the first one to attain four wins in the series takes the Championship. If you’re having a hard time tracking just ask your closest Basketball fan to break it down for you.

Television and Cable Networks act as Divisions under Distinct Conferences, with Division Champions competing for the Conference Title, the Conference Champions then compete in a Playoff to determine the top program.

“Shows run and they end and then we have to wait for one night to come for someone to pull a name out of an envelope and tell us who has the best scripted series on TV, it’s kind of boring and with all the hard work committed to our television programs I think they deserve more of a better build up than just hype talk and promo gossip. It’s time to change the game and we’re doing just that.”

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