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Better Call Saul: Why the AMC Division should look to the franchise to regain ESS glory.

Teague Jordan, Staff Contributor 

Is Better Call Saul the AMC Divison's answer to its latest ESS post season slump?

Cable Conference Standard                                                                                                                    DBS 2019/2020

Its been a while since the glory days of Breaking Bad, a repeat Cable Conference Standard Champion accomplishing the gold for the years 2008-2009

AMC hasn’t had any shortage of Conference Championships while dominating the conference for more than a decade with hits like MAD MEN, THE WALKING DEAD and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. An AMC Division franchise has almost by default been the CCS representative to the Entertainment Series Standard Bracket every year since 2007 with only the exception of when the FX Division’s Sons of Anarchy took it in 2014.

Ever since then it’s seemed like a matter of picking a name out of the AMC hat.

For some reason it seems it could go that way again. Better Call Saul, a spin off of the hit series Breaking Bad is no red headed step child, in fact the series has proved to be just as fearsome as its predecessor in accomplishing the Cable Conference Standard Championship twice since its inception.


The question now: is Better Call Saul a big fish in a small pond?

Winning the Cable Conference Standard is one thing, winning the Entertainment Series Standard as a whole is a fish of a different breed. Among its peers in the CCS Better Call Saul would appear to be the blue whale and in comparison to the the rest of the ESS it just as well may still be.

Better Call Saul has a combined 37-3 franchise record over four seasons, analytically, one could say it is one of the winningest franchises by percentage even over other conference Champions like NCIS (.833) over four years or Modern Family (.810) over four years, despite this, Better Call Saul has failed to advance past the first round of the ESS Playoff.


So what could be different?

A few things, timing for one: if Better Call Saul premieres in the fall of 2020 then it would be considered as running on the 20-21season and by that time the monsters of the ESS such as Game of Thrones which has dominated the Standard title for 2 straight years and looking for a 3peat, will be gone, Modern Family - gone, Empire - gone, Vikings - gone, of course there would still be a few foes left like This Is Us, Power, NCIS, American Horror Story and Mayans MC still out there but honestly they aren’t the core threats they were a season ago. The ESS landscape is changing enough with Television and Cable Divisions offering new franchises, with new stories and new ideas, some to which may very well be a substantial threat to the old guard but honestly, Better Call Saul is one of those franchises that’s on its way to standing the test of time and its come from a predecessor whose mold has done just that.

Better Call Saul/ AMC Division/ Cable Conference Standard

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