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Queen of the Conference: La Reina Del Sur has the potential to impact the NCS


The question of the hour is: Can Kate Del Castillo and company bring the Telemundo Division the NCS title?

FILM TOURNAMENT SYSTEM                                                                                                                     DBS 2019/2020

The Network Conference Standard is perhaps one of the most competitive Conferences regulated by the ESS. With some of the biggest shows returning to the broadcast lineup one would ask if there would be any difference in the NCS playoff bracket for 2020?


After an 8 year hiatus Latin programming has awakened a sleeping giant that has shook the Telemundo Division and has one of the most revered reputations so much so that an English adaptation had to have been created.


La Reina Del Sur (Queen Of The South)


Kate Del Castillo reprises the role and in top form. Though it seems that La Reina Del Sur should sweep the Division and represent Telemundo in the bracket many are left wondering how the show would fair against champions from the rest of the NCS like say FOX, CBS, NBC, etc.

The production quality is there, the performances are top notch and the consistency is solid enough to take the Telemundo Division but can it win out the Conference? Can it beat an Empire from FOX or NCIS from CBS? Would it be strong enough to hold off say NBC’s Blacklist in a best of 7 series? Questions, questions, questions, doubts, questions, doubts and more questions.

The only way for us to find out won’t be until Tournament time providing that La Reina Del Sur does actually sweep Telemundo’s Division which will be a definite if the network manages not to reboot goliaths “Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso or El Senor De los Cielos the only two realistic threats to La Reina Del Sur’s Division dominance. Division business aside, let’s say hypothetically the DBS were to start tomorrow and the top Divisions had to render their best would La Reina Del Sur be able to last? I’m not at will to state my personal predictions but what I can say from what we’ve seen so far the chances would be quite possible. ABC is looking to retire Modern Family after this season, Empire is saying goodbye this year and The CW really hasn’t produced a project fearsome enough to advance past the opening round so its safe to say La Reina Del Sur would at least make it to face off against whoever CBS or NBC has to offer. But it’s a Spanish telenovela you say, that’s not much of an issue because the ESS rubric is standard and general enough to cross the genre red tape. Is it a good show consistently, can it open and close a run? That will be the difference between Division and Conference Championships. La Reina Del Sur has a clear shot at both.

La Reina Del Sur/ Telemundo Division/ Network Conference Standard

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