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Collegiate Cinematic Arts Association announces new Tournaments: The CCAA is set to release several

With the world of student film making taking vast steps into various directions convincing the average film newcomer to take the traditional film school route may be quite the challenge. Youtube tutorials and Master Class types are taking the cinematic education world by storm. One could now ask is taking a semester at LA Film School or a USC film degree worth the dime? At this time it may be worth the investment but slow and steady we are heading towards a world where there will be more homemade film production companies making broadcast quality packages, a more widespread distribution plain outside of the studio power grid and less will the valued gatekeepers and talent agencies be as access to the world stage will and is now just a click away.

So what do you do if you are a prestigious film school?

This is the question that caused the CCAA better known as the Collegiate Cinematic Arts Association to create a combine of film schools to compete at the Junior College, University, Institute, Academy and individual level.

"The idea was to bring a harmony that would unite cinematic educational experience at all levels, forms and platforms." said Gerald Colbert founder of the Film Tournament System who is also working with the CCAA to launch several film tournaments for student filmmakers.

"We want to build the rivalries that you'd see in college football and basketball, we want to see fan bases and polls and bragging rights, we want to also see these filmmakers develop relationships and eventually bring their rivalries to the studio level should they pursue a career in film."

The CCAA and the Film Tournament System plan to direct their first call for entries this fall and seem very optimistic that the Tournaments will incline filmmakers back to the traditional film school class setting.

"We know that this is the era of online education, it's more hands on, faster, direct and may be a bit more inexpensive but there's something about a classroom setting where you can grow and vibe off of other people, learn new ideas and get different perspectives. We hope that these Tournaments will get student filmmakers and all filmmakers to understand that value."

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