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Joaquin Phoenix, The Joker and The 2020 DBS

In this standout trailer, Joaquin Phoenix adaptation of the Joker looks to have great DBS potential. The question is: will the film live up to the hype?

FILM TOURNAMENT SYSTEM                                                                                                                     DBS 2019/2020

We can all agree that Heath Ledger’s Joker is a hard act to follow, truthfully many felt the role shouldn’t be touched again sort of like The Godfather or say Scarface, tampering with those would be considered sacrilege. When money is involved even the most revered things can be tampered and after a bad serving of a Joker character (as played by Jared Leto) a rebound was more than needed.

Several weeks ago the world got its first look at The Joker (as portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix) to define the trailer I can’t find quite the words but what this writer can say is that beyond calling it amazing would be some what of a fit. Amazing also cheapens the description, such a general word does the complexity of the character no justice. In less than 3 minutes time the mastery of the short serving of the film reveals the hardships and dives to insanity that has made the Joker The Joker. I only hope its just not a really good trailer.


On to DBS business, so the film is slated to make its draw around the October/ November period, this is roughly around the same time that the industry starts getting serious about award shows and thus starts to release their FYC projects. This also places the Joker to compete against a more tougher schedule than most. In the post DBS world all of Hollywood would surge to place their films around the Holiday/ New Year period. In the current DBS era too many top caliber films competing simultaneously could challenge their W/L/T records and possible DBS eligibility should they suffer too many losses. The Industry is turned down side up.

If the Joker is as strong a film as it is a trailer then it’ll definitely hold its own. At worst if it does a 14 week box office run then the most it could see a real challenge is in January and by then it should already have secured DBS eligibility. Now will the Joker win out the DBS is another question, already films like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood are moving through the MPS early enough in the season to take on an easier non challenging schedule which is the easiest way to secure a spot on the bracket. However there’s always the possibility of getting knocked off by a film who’s worked harder, has more solid wins and has combated a tougher schedule. Whatever the case, I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Joker on the bracket and if that happens it’ll be because it was more than just a good trailer.

The Joker is set to begin MPS seasonal play October 4, 2019

The Joker vs TBD 10-4-19

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